World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day aims to give people the confidence to take action by raising awareness, encouraging understanding and sharing experiences. The theme of 2022 is:

Creating Hope through Action!

We can know that there is always hope by remembering that even when we are going through something: this too, shall pass. 

Hector’s House is a suicide prevention and mental health awareness charity – set up by the family of Hector Stringer, who took his own life at just 18 years old. It is our mission to prevent suicide by encouraging people to talk openly about how they feel through education, awareness, signposting to mental health services and, where necessary, to provide additional support! 

We talk about our own lived experience to show and inspire people that whether you have been bereaved by suicide or struggling with your own mental health, there is always hope. By sharing our story authentically and providing hope and additional support, our mission is that no other family has to experience what we did. 

Check out our projects below to find out how you can get involved with the Hector’s House community.

Signposting Series!

Hector’s House began as a signposting website and although we have evolved over the years to do much more, signposting to some amazing resources is still a top priority.

We run a Signposting Series on our Instagram where we signpost to different resources and charities every Friday and each week we focus on a different topic. We write a post about our chosen topic and then link the helpful resources in our Instagram story that day. These stories then get added to our Signposting Series story highlight so you can access it at any point. This also means that all of our signposting for different topics is compiled together in one place so if you’re feeling like you need some support, these resources are easy to find.

Library Of Calm!

The Library of Calm is a safe space you can visit on our website whenever you may be feeling stressed, anxious, low or if you just need a breather!

We have different sections depending on your mood or what activity you feel up to. There is no obligation to do all – or any – of the suggestions you’ll find. From breathing techniques to comedy podcasts to Bob Ross videos, hopefully, there will be something to help you through a moment when you need it.

Eat, Move, Love Campaign!

Our #EatMoveLoveMovement campaign is all about making small, simple steps to help us all put our mental health first. These steps? It’s as easy as Eat, Move, Love.

It is understood that if we eat well to fuel our body, exercise or regularly move our bodies and practice self-care and connect with others, our mental health will improve. It is very easy, however, to forget or not prioritise these things on a day-to-day basis, especially when we are busy.

That’s where the #EatMoveLoveMovement comes in! You can sign up to join the movement and receive 10 weeks of tips and tricks on how to make simple yet effective steps to a healthier and happier lifestyle each week.

Sunday Sanctuary!

Join our Sunday Sanctuary which takes place every Sunday evening at 8:30pm and is facilitated by the lovely Katherine who brings us a moment of mindfulness.

Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts and can have many benefits on our mental health, including reducing feeling of stress and anxiety as well as improving self-image and enhancing our self-awareness.

Sunday Sanctuary takes place on zoom, is free of charge and is starting back after summer on the 18th September and we would love to welcome you to this community.

Wednesday Wisdom!

By signing up to our Wednesday Wisdom Newsletter, you’ll receive a different calming image with a different lovely affirmation each week. It’s a great way to keep yourself grounded or to give you a little positive midweek boost.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. A study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience used an MRI scan to reveal that practising self-affirmation activates the reward centres in your brain. This means it fires up your neural pathways and makes changes to those areas of the brain that make you happy and positive.

In other words, positive affirmations really do work!

Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club!

Introducing Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club!?

Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club is a safe space for men in the area to come together once a month to try new activities, meet new people and be their authentic selves. 

This group is organised by Hector’s House – and will be facilitated by our co-founder Robert Stringer and volunteer leader David. 

Each month we will be doing a get-together – be it going for walks, having a kick-about, or trying out activities such as woodwork or foraging. We might even sneak a cuppa in at the end. This is free of charge – and welcome to anyone who identifies as male and is over the age of 18.

Come along to our first event on 15th September – a casual walk around Berko with a cuppa afterwards!

How YOU can Create Hope Through Action


If you are struggling to cope, please don’t hesitate to text HECTOR to 85258 today for support.?

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