Library of Calm

What is the Library of Calm?

We are so glad you are here.

This is your safe space on the internet. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, low or just need a breather – you are always welcome to explore the Hector’s House Library of Calm. 

We have different sections depending on your mood or what activity you feel up to. There is no obligation to do all – or any – of the suggestions below. Take your time to have a little scroll through – it might just help you through this moment.

And remember – this page is not a substitute for mental health support. If you need us, reach out. Text HECTOR to 85258. We are here for you. 

Now, go and enjoy the Library of Calm. 


The Hector’s House Team x

Ted Talks

TED Talks are based on amazing people with amazing stories sharing ‘ideas worth spreading’. Get fully emerged in a tale on the Hector’s House watch list.

See our TED Talk list

Relax in 'Nature'

Immerse yourself in some virtual nature during this video. See if you can name five textures, items, plants or movement in each scene to help draw your attention to the present.

Go explore the forest 


For Moments of Panic

This relaxing video was created for when you feel you are having a panic attack. but the soothing sounds, words and imagery can be useful for every day anxieties should you need it.

Watch the video 


Cute and Funny Videos

There is nothing like funny cat videos to help us smile. Get your endorphins going by having a little chuckle over your favourite animal clips. Create your own list to go back to!

Here’s where to start

Your Feel Good Watchlist

Can you remember the last time you watched something that made your heart smile? Find that feel-good film, TV show or online clip and save it to go back to. Ours? Watch it below…

Meet Bob

Feel Better, Live More

Dr Ranjan Chatterjee’s incredible podcast Feel Better, Live More is a wonderful, insightful listen with manageable tips on how to improve your well-being. 

Find out more here

Fern Cotton's Happy Place

Fern Cotton talks to celebrities and inspirational people about love, loss and what brings them happiness. A lovely, informal, feel-good podcast to get stuck in to. 

Listen here

Comedy Podcasts 2020

Do you know how good laughing is for our mental health? It releases lots of happy hormones. Here are some comedy podcasts to look into for a chuckle. 

See the list

You Will Be Found

James Corden opens up about the song that got him through lockdown – and it happens to be a HH fave. Listen to You Will Be Found by the cast of Dear Evan Hansen.

Have a listen

United as One

Friend of Hector’s House MiG Ayesa dedicated his song ‘United as One’ to our charity, which means the absolute world to us. It’s a powerful one, we hope you enjoy.

Listen to the song here

Create your Playlist

Happy songs, sad songs, fight songs… We all have different taste that help to cheer us up. Spend time today creating your go-to playlist when you need a pick-me-up.

Click here to use Spotify

Yoga for Self Love

We adore this gentle yoga session with Adriene based around self love. Her positivity and calming presence will help you to move and feel loved. So get into something comfy and join us.

Practice some yoga

Try a Home Workout

Moving more – even indoors – will help us to feel better. Do your favourite home workout today. First time? This low impact workout by Joe Wicks is a great place to start.

Try this gentle workout

Get Moving Outdoors

Combining the benefits of exercise and nature is a win-win for us! If you can, try to spend some time moving outdoors. Run, walk or cycle – whatever you feel up to.

Find a walk near you

4-7-8 Breathing

Breathe in for 4 seconds – hold for 7 – exhale for 8. That’s how simple the 4-7-8 technique is! And it will help to calm our busy brains. Watch this video while practicing for guidance.

Watch the 4-7-8 video

Five Finger Breathing

Five Finger Breathing is a great technique to help us shift our focus to the present. You are also using more of your senses, which can help in a moment of panic.

Learn how to take 5

Box Breathing

If the 4-7-8 technique feels uncomfortable, try box breathing this this cute video as you don’t have to hold your breathe for so long. Trace a box with your fingers for extra focus.

Try box breathing

Breathe Away A Panic Attack

Feeling panicked? It’s OK – we got you. Watch and follow this video. It will help you to take quicker, deeper breaths to fight off a panic attack. We are proud of you. You’ve got this.

Stop a panic attack

Give It A Voice

Starting a journal sounds like a big task, so here’s a baby step to take. Give an emotion space to talk. Start with “Dear [Anxiety], I see you. What are you trying to teach me?” Then let it flow.

The benefits of journalling

Write Some Poetry

Being creative AND helping your mind to process complex emotions? This could work. Try your hand at writing a poem or two. Here are a few prompts to get started.

See the poetry prompts

A Letter To...

Write a letter to *that* person. Whoever just popped into your mind. Use it as a space to forgive, forget or express words you never could. You don’t even need to send it.

Read about unsent letters

We Are Here For You

First of all, you are not alone. If you need someone to connect to we are here. Text HECTOR to 85258 or email us below. You are enough and deserve to be heard.

Get in touch with us

Call A Loved One

As much as we believe face-to-face connections are best, we want to keep you safe. Make time today to call or FaceTime your family or a friend to connect.

Read about the benefits here

How To Open Up

Thinking of telling someone how you feel? It can be difficult to know where to start. You are doing amazing already – but here are a few tips to help get you going. You deserve to be heard.

How to Open Up

Ask For Help

If you are really struggling to cope, please please please reach out for help. We have a list of helplines available below. The world needs you. We can get through this together.

Find the Helplines

Take a Shower

This section is all about the small wins that can help us feel a sense of achievement. Jump in for a shower or bath, or take a look at our other self-care tips.

Self-care tips

Drink Some Water

Drinking water has huge benefits for our mental and physical health. Right now, go and get yourself a glass of H2O. You’re too important to be dehydrated.

Why is water important?

Tidy Your Space

Take some time today to tidy up your space. It will give you a huge sense of achievement and will feel more relaxing, too. Why not take a before and after pic?

The benefits of tidying

Smile or Laugh

Let’s release some of those happy hormones. Actively smiling tricks your brain into feeling happier. Same with laughing! Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

51 things to make you smile

Draw Something

Get creative and draw a picture, colour in or simply make patterns and shapes in a notepad. You can pop on some calming music or a podcast while your doing this.

Here’s a list drawing ideas

What's Your Hobby?

What’s your hobby? Reading, crafting, creating with Lego? Take time to practice your hobby today and allow yourself to become totally immersed. You deserve some me time.

How to find your hobby

Donate to charity

Did you know that giving to others is one of the 5 Ways to Well-being? It’s true! Why not donate some time or money to a charity close to your heart? Every penny counts.

PS. you can donate to us here

Give a compliment

Giving compliments to others makes us and others feel good. Start by texting a loved one something you really love about them, then maybe to compliment a stranger!

Some non-appearance based compliments

An Act of Kindness

Kindness is contagious. Start a chain of wonderfulness today by performing an act of kindness. Hold a door open, buy a coffee, or simply smile. Take a look at some ideas below.

Acts of kindness ideas

This Isn't a Substitute

We hope the Library of Calm helps you, but it isn’t a replacement for actual mental health support. Please visit the helplines if you need to talk. Help is never far away.

Find the Helplines

You are SO Worthy

Your life is so important. You are worthy of love and happiness. You are enough – just the way you are. Tell yourself this, because it couldn’t be more true.

Say these affirmations

You Are Not Alone

Wherever you are, whatever your situation may be – you are not alone. Reach out to us if you need to. Text HECTOR to 85258. We are here for you. We will get through this.

Find help that’s right for you