Meet the Team

Get to know the people at Hector’s House!

Meet Robert

Name: Robert Stringer – Hector’s Dad

Job: Founder and Trustee

About: Hello! I’m Hec’s father and I am so glad you are here. When we set up Hector’s House in 2014 in memory of our son, we had no idea how humbling and deeply moving the journey would be. We have been able to help so many individuals through our work – and that means the world to us. As well as having a vital role at Hector’s House, I am also a SHOUT volunteer which has been such an honour to be a part of. 

Favourite form self-care: I love being out in nature on dog walks with my wife Belinda. 

Most likely found: In our house in Wales at the moment during lockdown!

My message to you: Keep going – keep living. Things do get better. I promise.  




Meet Lotte

Name: Lotte Stringer – Hector’s sister

Job: Founder and CEO

About: Hello lovely ones, it’s a pleasure to see you here. I am incredibly passionate about helping others find a life they love – which I am honoured to be able to do every day at Hector’s House. As well as delivering mental health talks to schools and businesses, I am also a clinical Rapid Transformational and Rewind Therapist. Find out more about that here. This work has helped so many people and that’s been an incredible journey for us all. 

Favourite form self-care: Looking after my body and soul through Eat Move Love!

Most likely found: In my garden with my dog looking after my flower beds.

My message to you: You are so important. We need you here. You are not alone.