About Hector's House

Our son and brother Hector Stringer took his own life at the age of 18. Hector’s House was set up in his memory, with the aim to prevent suicide and mental health stigma through education, awareness and support.

We are here for you

The Library of Calm

This is your safe space on the internet. Come in and find an activity that will help you to rest, restore and get through this moment.


Need someone to talk to? Text HECTOR to 85258. A wonderful volunteer will be there for you. It’s free, open 24/7 and completely confidential.

Help and Advice

Need someone to talk to? We have lots of helpful mental health advice for you, along with helplines you can use. You are not alone.

Get to know us

Find out more about the Hector's House team and what we do to help prevent suicide.

Get Involved with Hector's House

There is always a place for you at Hector’s House.

We are currently running a number of campaigns and online sessions that you can get involved in! Take a look at what is going on at Hector’s House at the moment. 

Help us to continue this life-saving work

We cannot continue to promote the importance of mental health and preventing suicide without the help of our generous supporters.

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