About Hector

“The world has less colour now Hector has gone.”

Hector Stringer took his own life at the age of 18 on 20 April 2011.


His family, who set Hector’s House up in his name, remember Hec and all the amazing memories made in the 18 years he was with us.

Get to know Hector

Hector lived life loudly. He had a beautiful soul and an energetic personality that people were drawn to. The twinkle in his eyes always made him look like he was up to mischief – he probably was, but he was just having fun! You couldn’t be mad at Hec for long, his laugh was infectious, and he’d soon give you a massive bear hug.

He surrounded himself with a wonderful circle of friends. He would do anything for them and they would for him. Hector would go out of the way to make everyone feel special, his kindness and open heart came second nature to him.

Hector’s love for music was all consuming, he was talented musician and performer. He played guitar and sang. He was in a band and they would often perform in pubs and gigs – he loved it. Hector would spend hours in the shed at the bottom of the garden practising or listening to songs that inspired him.

His crazy sense of humour means everyone that knew him has unique memories that will forever be cherished.

The world truly has less colour now Hector has gone. We miss you Hec x

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