Our vision…

is to help everyone get access to the mental health support they need to ensure people don’t ever reach the point of suicide.

Hector's House mission

To prevent suicide through education, awareness and support. 

Our work

How we will do this

1. Making it easier to recognise the symptoms and improve acceptance of mental illness:


To encourage people to talk openly about their feelings


Raise awareness of mental health issues in educational establishments


To provide assistance regarding the problem of student anxiety or mental health issues in schools and to encourage students to talk about any problem with their teachers, family and friends


To normalise mental health issues and to enable people to accept that it is an illness from which people can recover


To raise awareness of stress that students can be under and to provide funding for professionals and information and media resources, to enable accessibility to information and help


Raise awareness of the need to communicate and to feel comfortable talking about mental health issues and in seeking practical solutions


We understand suicide is prevalent in age group 20-49 but is also present in the older generations, we would not preclude ourselves from any environment or age group, including in the workplace

2. Increase available help:


To increase practical help and funding, either directly or by referral to other professionals, specialists, including charities with resources and helplines


Increase the speed of help and counselling at the point of need

3. Education:


Help all those in close contact with people to recognise and understand the symptoms and dangers of depression and anxiety


Advance education into the causes of depression and suicide


To empower people to act upon their understanding to facilitate an improvement


Take resources into PHSE lessons particularly in schools but also in colleges and universities in respect of mental health in young people

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