Worried about someone?

If you are concerned a loved one might be feeling suicidal, there are ways you can help.

If you think a friend or family member is in immediate danger of taking their own life, ring 999 straight away. 

What are the signs?

The signs of feeling suicidal are not always obvious, but here are a few indicatations someone might be struggling.

Lack of interest in things they enjoy

Appearing more tearful than usual

Withdrawing from friends, family and social situations

Sleeping more but still lacking in energy or enthusiasm

Using drugs or alcohol to cope with feelings

Talking or acting like they don't care about themselves

What you can do to help

Don't feel helpless - you can help your loved one start their recovery.

Call one of these helplines

How to start a conversation

See our list of resources

It's important to take care of yourself too

It can be overwhelming and difficult supporting someone with a mental health issue or with suicidal thoughts, make sure you look after yourself too.

Support for you