Our Work

to promote mental health awareness and end suicide.

What we do

Hector's House promotes open discussions around mental health issues to end stigma and prevent suicide. Learn more below.

We encourage openness

Let’s normalise mental health issues by creating opportunities for people to talk openly about how they feel.

We attend events and festivals

To raise awareness of the work we do, we attend a number of local events to discuss the symptoms of suicidal behaviour and mental health issues. If you see us, come and say hello!

We promote a healthy lifestyle

With our eat-move-love campaign, we want to encourage the public to eat healthily, exercise more and communicate openly to help with mental health issues.

We visit schools

To prevent more young people taking their own lives, we visit a number of local schools a year to talk about mental health and promote healthy living. 

We visit local schools...

…to talk about the importance of mental health

Hector’s House visit a number of schools in Hertfordshire to promote our eat-move-love campaign! We believe that teaching people at a young age about healthy eating, exercise and being open will help prevent suicide and encourage more people to discuss their mental health issue. Find out more about this work below. 

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We've been busy since 2013...

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Our work will not bring our son Hector back...

but it will help saves the lives of others contemplating suicide. 

Help us to continue this life-saving work

We cannot continue to promote the importance of mental health and preventing suicide without the help of our generous supporters.

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