Hector's Gentle-Man's Club

A Safe Space for Men to Chill, Create and Connect.

Are you a male aged 18+ in Bucks and Herts?

We’d love to invite you to our Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club!

What is Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club? 

HGMC is a safe space for men in the area to come together once a month to try new activities, meet new people and have a safe space to be themselves. 

This group is organised by the local charity Hector’s House – and will be facilitated by our co-founder Robert. 

Each month we will be doing a get-together – be it going for walks, having a kick-about, or trying out activities such as woodwork or foraging. We might even sneak a cuppa in at the end. This is totally free of charge – and welcome to anyone that identifies as male over the age of 18.

Interested in attending?

We’d love it if you could come along to our next meet-up. Keep an eye on our Eventbrite page!

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What to expect at Hector's Gentle-Man's Club

Try Something New

The group will be exploring lots of activities to help you try new things – like exploring some local walks, giving new sports a go and recommending other exciting and healthy hobbies.

Meet Like-Minded People

Come along to meet men just like you, who share similar interests and are interested staying well. We encourage connections and will ensure the group is friendly, open and good fun.

Learn New Skills

Fancy giving woodwork a try? Maybe you’ve always wanted to forage, but don’t know where to start? Have a broken kettle you can’t seem to fix? This group aims to teach you some new skills along the way.

Talk and Share Safely

It’s not expected of you to share anything you’re not comfortable with, but do know that this will be a safe space should you want to talk things through. Our co-founder Robert is a great listening ear.

Share Your Passions

Do you have any skills or passions you’d like to share with others? We are always interested in learning from others. Maybe bring along your guitar one day, or teach us some sign language. We are always open to your ideas!

Have Some Fun

Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club aims to be an enjoyable experience where you can chill out and have a bit of a laugh with others. Friendly, respectable banter is always welcome.

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