How to Tackle Summer FOMO

The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a very real feeling. 

Different people can experience FOMO at different times and for different reasons but the one common aspect is the fear of social exclusion, but what really is it and why does it happen?

FOMO is an anxious feeling that an exciting or interesting event is currently taking place elsewhere, without you and it can often be brought about by social media posts. Summer is a key time in a lot of people’s social calendars with festival season, summer holidays and lots of events, it’s often easy to feel like you’re missing out on something every weekend!

With this in mind we gentle urge you to try and remember that social media is often not true to life – things can be exaggerated, filtered, edited and sometimes not even real. Try to be mindful when you do see people’s social media posts of holidays and events that most of the time people will only show the best parts of their lives and it’s often not all sunshine and good times as they may want you to think.

Essentially, don’t compare your real life to someone else’s highlights – enjoy the life you are living every day!

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