Signposting Series – University Students

Embarking on university is a huge life change for each student. With each change in life comes a transition, and during this transition our brains can work extra hard to catch up on all the differences around us. 

This marks an exciting next chapter of your life. You’ve navigated your way through secondary school, did your best in your exams and found and been accepted by a university, to continue your studies and growth. 

Well done you, take a moment to remember how far you have come, the challenges you have faced and overcome. This is amazing! Take a moment to recognise your determination and application to achieve this step in your Education.  

Feel the Feelings – Getting Prepped for Uni Life 

It is totally normal to have a lot of emotions over this first stage of your independent life. A combination of excitement and perhaps nervousness is very common. Apprehension is to be expected when we are about to embark on anything new or unfamiliar. You may notice or feel that you have some of those feelings of apprehension in the body for example feelings of butterflies in your tummy. 

Leaving familiarity like school, potentially location, leaving home for the first time and changing environment will all feel unfamiliar for a time, but in time that will become familiar. 

To help prepare yourself for this exciting time, take a look over the information provided by The Uni Guide. Taking time to consider what you may need to think about and put in place, will be helpful for you. 

It’s OK to Need Support 

It will be exciting, it will be different, it will be fun, you will meet new people and discover new things. But it’s ok if this change – exciting as it seems – feels overwhelming. You are not alone in this. And there are some excellent resources for support if you need them. People who have been through what you are feeling now, got through it, and want to help you to do the same.  

Take a look at some amazing organisations out there who are here for you. Yes you.  


Talk to someone 

Remember, bottling up how you are feeling and holding everything inside may lead to feeling overwhelmed. Open up to a trusted friend, arrange to talk to a tutor, your student union rep or halls warden. If you need extra support, arrange to see your GP or talk to a counsellor within your university. You can always reach out to the helplines above too.  

Keep regular contact with home 

Although it is really good to get settled in and make time at the weekends for your new area and friendships, do try to keep in regular contact with friends and family at home and plan visits back. Or why not arrange for friends and family to visit you? 

Join your Students’ Union 

Get to know your Students’ Union where you can get involved in clubs, sports and societies. There is something for everyone, and it’s a great way of meeting like-minded people. 

A gentle reminder:  

You are not alone in how you are feeling – other students will also feel like this. It will pass, but it’s OK to need help in the meantime.  

Other Support Available 

Universities are designed with your best interests at heart – so if there’s anything you’re struggling with, someone will be on hand to help.  

Each uni differs of course, but it might be worth checking if your one has:  

  • Study skills workshops if you are struggling with your work 
  • A counselling service if you think talking to someone would help 
  • Hall Wardens, or equivalent, for more practical help with day-to-day living 
  • The Students’ Union for activities and general advice 
  • A support and advice service for rent, loans and other financial queries 
  • You can arrange to speak privately with your tutors at any time about your work. 

The Moral of the Story 

You are not alone in this. We see you, and know that we care about you deeply. Please reach out to any of the amazing services available to you above for support.  

Thank you for reading this and making time for your well-being. You got this.  

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