Mental Health Care for All – Let’s Make it a Reality

This World Mental Health Day, The World Health Organisation is focusing on how to make mental health accessible for everyone – which is something we feel incredibly passionate about.

Our work

We ensure that everyone who comes to us – regardless of their race, class, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or other status – gets the care they need and deserve. This is only possible thanks to our supporters and fundraisers – who fund this life-saving service.  

Why is Mental Health care unequal? 

It’s hard to talk about the inequalities of mental health care without mentioning the systemic inequalities in our society as a whole. Those who have seen their mental well-being hit disproportionately hard are those in racialised communities, the LGBTQ+ community and the population living in poverty. We must always keep this in mind when we are talking about equality in mental health services – because people living in these communities are faced with inequality in many, many aspects of their lives.  

But this is why charities like Hector’s House exist. We want to ensure mental health care is not a luxury provided to only those in a place of privilege – but a necessity for anyone in need of help.  

Image credit: Anna Shvets

The future of mental health care 

Radical change is needed in our government and health services. As Rethink Mental Illness stated: “the NHS Long Term Plan has committed to creating a community model of mental health care and the government is in the process of reforming the Mental Health Act. But, put bluntly, this is nowhere near enough.” 

Locally, we need more support for mental health charities like Hector’s House and the many, many more in the area doing incredible life-saving work. We would also like to see the education system provide more care and attention to their students from disadvantaged communities. Our work in local schools has highlighted how much of a difference this can make to a young person’s life.  

These changes are coming, slowly but surely, but there is so much we can do as a community to help improve mental health care for all.  

4 ways you can help  

  • Be kind and empathetic  

A kind word, a smiling face and a listening ear may be all a person needs to get them through today. Be kind where possible. You never know what people are going through.  

  • Learn more about others 

Take a look at social media platforms, blogs, or have open conversations with the people who are less fortunate than you. We can only make a difference in the world when we know what needs to change.  

  • Look after yourself 

Taking care of yourself is so important to us. Eat well, move your body and show yourself some self-compassion. This is mental health care – and you matter to us.  

  • Donate today 

This World Mental Health Day, give someone in need the gift of accessible mental health care. Text HECGIFT to 70085 to donate £5 to Hector’s House. It could save a life. Thank you. 

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