Mental Health Resources for Black British People during the #GeorgeFloyd Protests

At Hector’s House, we are feeling the anger and hurt and fear and overwhelm of the black community across the world and here in the UK. 

You are not alone – we are here for you. 

Image by Clay Banks

Your anger and your pain is completely justified. Your social media platforms might feel unbearably overwhelming and triggering with constant reminders of racial injustice, protests, white privilege and fragility, the pain and suffering that has happened – is happening – to black people across the world. You might feel compelled to state your opinions publicly – only to find yourself open to half-attempts of allyship or even criticism. You might be finding the perceived support triggering, why only now are we all listening? The fatigue and distress in this global situation is real, we are conscious this is not new for you, and it might be affecting your mental health.

Image by Cameron Cox

Although we can’t take these feelings away for you – we are here to remind you that it’s OK to not be OK, especially right now. It’s important you are looking after yourself and your mental health. 

Help available to you

If you need us, we are here for you. Please email us on and we can talk about the mental health help you may need right now. 

Text HECTOR to 85258 if life feels too heavy at the moment. 

There are helplines here that are open for you to call at any time you need support.

We have done some research into mental health support and resources available specifically for Black British individuals. We see that they are limited, and we are going to do everything in our power to address this within the mental health community. But for now, here are some avenues that might help:

Find a therapist of Black, African, South Asian or Carribean heritage in the UK:!directory/tag=hertfordshire

[If therapy seems like a luxury you cannot afford, get in touch with us on to see if we can help.]

MIND has an equality contact for their services aimed specifically at young black men, so get in touch to see how they can help you.

If you need your voice to be heard about the effects the global situation is having on your mental health, please get in touch with

If you know of any other resources or support available to the black British community, please let us know so we can share them.

Sending all our love, support and energy to the Black community at this time. Please don’t carry the burden of this distressing time in silence. 

We are here, we are listening – and you are not alone.

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