Stay Home Stay Well Staying home is crucial at this time, but so is staying well. Get our top tips and join our 30 day challenge!


What a strange time to be living through. How are you holding up? If you are reading this, we hope this means you are safe, alive and doing all you can to get through another day indoors. And for that, well done. You’re doing amazing. 

This whole experience may seem overwhelming, and that’s OK. The Hector’s House team are here to help you through this funny old time, as best we can. 

Here are our top tips on Staying Home and Staying Well during this pandemic:

Join our 30 Day Challenge

Post a photo a day using our guide

This is a strange time for us all, and social media can eitherr seem like a great way of staying in touch with loved ones, or an anxiety inducing experience.

You can start the Hector’s House #StayHomeStayWell 30 day challenge to create a positive, inspiring and happy place for your social feeds. 

Start today! The team cannot wait to see your pics. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Helpful Reminders:

Hey, it's OK...

It’s OK to feel sad, anxious, worried or calm. All emotions are acceptable right now. Feel whatever you are feeling with no guilt or judgement.

Limit your news consumption

As tempting as it is to constantly refresh our newsfeed, try to look at the news once daily. If there is information you need to know, you will hear about it. 

Talk to someone

Have you spoken to anyone today? Text a friend or family member to check in on them and arrange a video chat. 

You're doing great

Remind yourself daily that you are doing great. By staying indoors, you are literally saving lives. You’re a regular superhero! 

See the Positives

Positives can be found in any situation. Use this time to start that hobby, press the reset button or make time for yourself. 

This too shall pass

This won’t last forever. We promise you it won’t. Take each day as it comes. And as each day that passes is another closer to normality. You can do this. 

Struggling to cope?

If you are struggling to cope, please don’t suffer in silence. Text HECTOR to 85258 today to speak to a volunteer who will help you through this moment.