Working from Home during a Pandemic

How are you all doing? Last week the Government implemented further measures to encourage social distancing to hopefully delay the spread of Covid-19. A lot of people will now be working from home. Some of you might have taken to your new working life like a duck to water, but others of you may be finding the transition difficult, and may be struggling to get used to this temporary new way of life. Don’t worry – these are not normal times, this isn’t forever, and your response is completely normal. We’ve got a few ideas that you may like to implement which might make your working from home life just that little bit easier on you.


We’re creatures of habit, so maintaining as normal a routine as possible can be really helpful. Get out of bed at your usual time, stick to your regular morning routine. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and before you open up your laptop to start work, make sure you factor in some time to do some gentle stretches and simple meditation. You can find plenty of tutorials online. 


The idea of working from home in your pyjamas sounds appealing, but it can impact on how you feel. Be sure to get dressed, you don’t have to put on your best work clothes, but by being dressed, it’ll help you to face the day ahead.


Without colleagues around you offering to keep you topped up with tea, it can be easy to forget to take a break. HSE recommends a 5-10 minute break every hour, so make sure you get yourself a drink and give your eyes a rest too. Keep some tasty and nutritious snacks on hand, so you’re not always reaching for the biscuit tin, and you can keep those sugar crashes at bay. 


It might be a bit of a shock to the system not being surrounded with a team of people every day. Make sure you’re still in touch with your colleagues, and not just to talk about work! Ensure the chats that you’d usually have in the office are still happening – maybe schedule a video call just to talk about what Netflix programmes you’ve been watching! Or just check in with each other to see how they’re doing. People tend to open up, once you open up with them. So if you’re finding it all a bit tough, tell your office friend, it’s very possible they’re finding it hard too.


These are unprecedented times. If you’re finding it hard to maintain focus, and you’re not being as productive as you’d normally be, don’t worry. These are strange, worrying times and it would be a miracle if you could remain as focused on your work as normal. 


We’re allowed outside once a day for exercise. Make sure you are taking advantage of this, rather than staying indoors all day. You don’t have to go for a run or get on your bike to feel the benefit. Just a half an hour walk during your lunch break, will help break up your day, get your blood pumping around your body, and release endorphins. Be sure to maintain social distancing and keep two metres away from anyone.

These are just a few ideas which you may find helpful. Remember, be kind to yourself. And take it one day at a time.

If you are struggling at any time, please reach out for help, text HECTOR to 85258.

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