A Recap of HGMC May 2024 – Climbing Taster Session

What is Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club? 

Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club (HGMC) is a safe space for men in the area to come together once a month to try new activities, meet new people and have a safe space to be themselves. 

Each month we will be offering people the opportunity to try a new activity or learn something new. Then we will take some time to check in on the group, offering everyone a chance to talk freely and openly about whatever is on their mind.  In May, we returned to The XC Centre and participated in a climbing taster session.

About the evening? 

We got on site around 18:30 and waited for the attendees to arrive. Our climbing session officially began at 19:00, which gave us a large window of time to ensure forms were filled out correctly and people could get changed etc. Once we hit 19:00 our instructor introduced herself and walked us through into the impressive climbing area. The structure seems to loom over you as you walk in from the reception and creates a strong impression. We’re given a small but efficient safety brief and make our way to the bouldering area. After a few climbs each, everybody is feeling limbered up, and ready for the bigger walls.  

We’re escorted to the base of one of the 14-meter walls, secured into our harnesses and begin climbing at our own levels of comfort and ability. As it turns out the entire group already had varying levels of experience with climbing which allowed for a generally more relaxed approach. Everyone felt comfortable setting their own targets and pushing themselves to achieve them without competition. The hour flew by, and was over almost before it seemed to have started.  

Check in/check out 

Once everybody had got out of their harnesses, washed their hands and had a minute to catch their breath, we gathered together and did what we really came here to do. Going round the group so everybody has space to talk freely we took some time to discuss how we’ve been feeling as of late, things we’re grateful for, and small things we can do for our mental fitness going forward. Everybody has their own unique stories to tell, and their owns triumphs and tribulations. Having a place to discuss these things in an open and nonjudgmental way is very powerful tool to gain perspective on how and why we feel the way we do, and what we can to try and improve our wellbeing going forward.  

Speak up 

All discussion is completely confidential and listened too without judgement. If you are interested in attending a future event please keep an eye on our social media channels or fill out the sign up form.

If you are affected by anything discussed and want to pursue the topic further please feel free to contact us at HiHector@hectorshouse.org.uk If you need help for yourself, or somebody else never hesitate to reach out. Below are a few links that you may find helpful. Take care of yourself, and maybe we’ll see you at the next one? 

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