HGMC – January 2023 – Tring Brewery Tour

What is it?

Each month we will be offering people the opportunity to try a new activity or learn something new. Then we will take some time to check in on the group, offering everyone a chance to talk freely and openly about whatever is on their mind.  This evening we facilitated a tour and tasting session at Tring Brewery.

About the evening

Upon arriving at the brewery, we were greeted by Sam, who would be both our host, and tour guide for the evening. Sam has a wealth of knowledge and has worked Tring Brewery since he was 16. Once what looked like the expected amount of people had filled the room, we took a quick roll call to make sure everybody was present and correct before starting the tour. Sam lead us into the main brewing room of the site, and once inside he delivered an engaging, well-paced, and thoroughly riveting crash course on the history beer at large, and the specific brews being made on location. Armed with some props such as barley in various stages of the malting process, and Hops in there processed and unprocessed state, there was lots to keep the group engaged on a multi-sensory level. Curiosities were passed around to be felt, tasted, and smelled. Questions were asked and answered, and then a few small samples of contrasting beers were offered up for the group to decipher.

After relocating from the cold industrial area, into the warm cosy shop floor we moved on to the real reason for gathering such a diffuse group of people in a familiarly unfamiliar location. Having spent a little time in each other’s company and sharing the experience of the tour there was clear difference in the comfort level of everybody present, and as Rob begun to make his way round the group gathering a baseline of each person’s disposition, it was clear that this was a safe place to talk about anything that was on your mind. After each person being able to have the floor, and the time and space to talk, Rob bought up a simple exercise to help shift focus onto something more positive in each person’s life, and once again made sure that everybody had the time and space to vocalise whatever that was to them. As the evening came to a close it was compelling to see how simply creating a space for people to be heard can have a huge impact on their mental state, and general wellbeing.

Speak up

All discussion is completely confidential and listened too without judgement. If you are interested in attending a future event please keep an eye on our social media channels, or fill out the sign up form. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Tring Brewery, and in particular to Sam. We are touched by your generosity, and grateful for your time and knowledge. If you are affected by anything discussed and want to pursue the topic further please feel free to contact us at HiHector@hectorshouse.org.uk If you need help for yourself, or somebody else never hesitate to reach out. Below are a few links that you may find helpful. Take care of yourself, and maybe we’ll see you at the next one?

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