Thoughts are Not Facts

Our thought patterns can determine how we feel, but we often mistake our thoughts for being true – when they simply aren’t. Once we have recognised this, we can start calling out our thoughts and stop a downward spiral of negativity.

Are you prone to believing everything you think?

Here are a few tips to help break this process.

  • Recognise when you are beginning to ruminate, self-criticise or worry – the start of most negative thought patterns.
  • Remind yourself that your thoughts are not facts.
  • Name the feeling that you have when you have when you have these negative thoughts, are they feelings that are harmful to your mental health?
  • Think of what is actually true right no, or what is most likely to be true.
  • Ask yourself why you are thinking this way – what is your mind trying to teach or highlight to you?
Lady writing in a journal
  • Picture how you would feel if you didn’t have these thoughts or beliefs – would you be happier or more content?
  • Counteract these thoughts with some positive statements. I am good enough. I am worthy of love. This situation is so unlikely to happen. My family are safe right now. This feeling will pass. I can do hard things.
  • Speak to someone about your thoughts. They might be able to put your mind at ease.

If you need to reach out for support, Text Hector to 85258.

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