Join our Savour and Share Challenge this November

As we enter Lockdown 2.0 – we need something to help anchor us and keep us present. It is an incredibly difficult time for many, so here is a great way to connect with others, savour the little moments and help us feel motivated during these tough times.

Join our social media 30 day challenge by taking a photo of the moment you have savoured each day and posting it – can’t think of anything to savour? Use our useful guide!

What is Savouring?

Savouring helps our mind to focus and dial in on the positive thoughts and feelings we all experience during the day, without going into auto-pilot or missing these moments of pleasure.

It helps to connect, expand and intensify our positive emotions. Over time and with practice, the art of savouring becomes a habit – a useful resource to draw upon if we encounter difficulties in our lives. 

How do we do this? By deliberately paying attention to the things that make you feel happy during the day – finding a little moment of pleasure. 

 In a time when everything is uncertain, learning to savour a happy feeling, amplify and cultivate it can help to boost our overall well-being. 

Narrow down on the things that are available to you in your day-to-day life and stop, slow down and spend and extra few moments with those feelings that are already there. Linger in those moments, spend longer with those happy feelings. 

Notice those moments of pleasure – it could be sinking into your bed in the evening, your last mouthful of your evening meal or seeing beauty during a walk – spend a few seconds in those feelings of joy. 

“Savoring can help us counteract the natural human tendency to focus more of our attention on negative things in our lives than on positive things” – Fred Bryant, Ph.D., of Loyola University

How do I Savour?

Let’s use a cup of coffee as an example…

  1. As you start to make your morning cuppa, take a moment to really think about the process of making this warming drink for yourself.
  2. Watch the steam rise from your cup and admire the aroma coming from the roasted beans. When you stir, watch the formations change.
  3. Notice for a moment how you are feeling – are you excited for your first sip? Has a smile come to your lips?
  4. Take the cup in both hands. Feel its warmth and comfort.
  5. When you take your first sip, savour the taste and smell that it brings.

It’s that simple! And when you take a photo and share this act of savouring with others, it’s proven to heighten your own experience of that little moment of joy.

How do I join?

  1. Use the image above to let us and others know that you are taking part in this 30 day challenge on social media.
  2. Use the hashtag #SavourandShare and tag us on Instagram.
  3. If you wish, ask others to sponsor your savouring challenge to raise money for Hector’s House. During this difficult time, every penny can help us save lives to suicide. Set up a JustGiving page and share!

This will pass…

As a gentle reminder – this too shall pass. We can get through this time together and you are not alone.

If you need someone to talk to, help is always here. Text HECTOR to 85258. It’s free, confidential and open 24/7. We are here for you.