“Having suffered from mental health issues in my past and experienced the loss of a friend who took their own life during the hazy days of the 90s, I’ve seen first hand how a good diet, exercise and surrounding myself with people (and animals) I love (and who love me) can help improve your mental state

12 years ago during a very difficult time I decided to look at my diet and join a gym. I cut out sugar and had great fun training with friends. It wasn’t long before my outlook to life improved (along with my appearance) and it was clear to see the triple threat of friendship, good food and getting the endorphins flowing with confidence boosting exercise was having a huge impact. I started to notice I was looking forward to things. The #EatMoveLovemovement is a brilliant idea and I’m in complete support of its message, as just a few small changes can make a huge difference. 

It’s an absolute honour and delight to be an Ambassador for Hector’s House.”

Meredith Hepner-Chapman

Meredith is a Co-Founder of fashion label Brave New You Apparel with artist and life coach Lou Hamilton. She also works as a social media PR, broadcaster, writer and brand ambassador for several fashion companies. Her purpose is her passion for promoting alternative health and medicine. 


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