HGMC March 2023 – Climbing Taster Session at The XC

What is Hector’s Gentle-Man’s Club?

Each month we will be offering people the opportunity to try a new activity or learn something new. Then we will take some time to check in on the group, offering everyone a chance to talk freely and openly about whatever is on their mind.  This evening we facilitated a climbing taster session at The XC Centre, in Hemel Hempstead.

About the evening

We set the arrival time for this evening a good half an hour before the activity was due to begin, this way any body caught out in traffic, needing to get changed, or needing to fill out the waiver form once on site could afford to get such things done in their own time. As the group begun to assemble, some familiar faces, and some new, the main topic was who had climbed before, and who was scared of heights. By 19:00 the group, and the paperwork was all present and correct and we were lead into the climbing area by our instructors. An over hanging 45 foot wall makes quite an impact, but our instructors quickly set every body at ease, briefed us on what was to come and got us engaged in a fun, but light warm up. Once we were suitably warm, and secured in our harnesses we begun the activity proper. Every body had their own comfort levels and/or benchmarks for what they wanted to achieve, and there was lots of support from other participants and the instructors. We all got a good few goes on varying terrains of wall. some taller, some easier, some harder, and with lots of laughter and a little chalk, the hour was over before we knew it.

Once we had de briefed ( well, de harnessed) and regathered in the reception area, we moved into a small private room for the reason we were really all here. Everyone was in good sprits and riding a high from the adrenaline and sense of individual accomplishment earned on the wall. Rob began as he always does, by talking honestly and openly about how he was feeling at that moment, and his over all sense of mental wellbeing recently. We made our way round the group to take a baseline and check in on every one present. It was clear that the group all felt comfortable being honest about the ups and down of their every day lives, and as the conversation progressed that comfort noticeably grew. All conversation within the group is confidential, and private. After the initial round, Rob bought up a simple exercise to help us highlight some of the positive things in our own lives, and once again gave each person the time and space needed to vocalise whatever they wanted to. As handshakes were exchanged, and farewells traded, it was uplifting to see the change that can occur in a persons demeanour and well being after a good conversation.

Speak up

All discussion is completely confidential and listened too without judgement. If you are interested in attending a future event please keep an eye on our social media channels, or fill out the sign up form. We’d like to extend a special thank you to The XC Centre and in particular to Chris, who helped get us booked in, and to G, and Kyle, who kept us safe on the day. We are grateful for your time and knowledge. If you are affected by anything discussed and want to pursue the topic further please feel free to contact us at HiHector@hectorshouse.org.uk If you need help for yourself, or somebody else never hesitate to reach out. Below are a few links that you may find helpful. Take care of yourself, and maybe we’ll see you at the next one?

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