Signposting series – LGBTQ+

It’s Pride Month! We want to send love to the LBGTQ+ community – please know that you are always seen, heard and welcome at Hector’s House.

We understand that being LGBTIQ+ doesn’t automatically mean someone will have mental health issues, but may mean they’re at higher risk of experiencing poor mental health.

A recent study by Stonewall found that over the previous year that half of LGBTQ+ people had experienced depression and three in five had experienced anxiety. This can be due to a lot of external issues, such as hate crimes and access to healthcare.

But there are always places that you can turn to if you identify as a LGBTQ+ person and are struggling with your mental health. You are so loved and important to us and to many wonderful organisations across the UK.

Please take a look below for some incredible LGBTQ+ charities and organisations that you can turn to.

You are not alone.

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