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Talking about wanting to die or suicide

Their statements might be subtle or vague.
They may be direct and literally say they are going to kill themselves.
Thoughts may be reflected in something written or drawn.

Increased alcohol or drug use

They increase use of alcohol or drugs


They express or act in ways that reflect hostility, bitterness, resentment or rage.

Feeling hopeless, desperate, trapped

They don’t see their situation or life changing for the better and don’t see a way out. They make statements that hint that life seems pointless.

No sense of purpose

They feel like a burden to others.
They feel worthless.

Reckless behaviour

They act in ways that could be dangerous or detrimental and they do not seem to care about the consequences.

They spend money recklessly.


They stop talking to and doing things with others or stop doing activities they once enjoyed. They feel isolated.


They appear nervous, shaken or worried.

Changes in sleep

They sleep more or can’t sleep and are restless.

Putting affairs in order

They rush to complete or revise a will.

Giving away possessions

They give away prized or favorite possessions.

Sudden mood changes

They are uncharacteristically sad or depressed or are unusually happy or content after a period of significant depression.