Suicide Prevention - If you are low or in crisis, please use the HELP tab for links to speak to someone. We REALLY care and you matter.

Recognise the warning signs of suicide

Pain isn’t always obvious, but most suicidal people show some signs that they are thinking about suicide. If you see even one warning sign, step in or speak up. Take the time to learn what to do now, so you’re ready to be there for a friend or loved one when it matters most.


Person has a weapon or other lethal means

Person is in the act of self-harm or suicide

Threatening self-harm or suicide

Talking about death or suicide while intoxicated or high

Seeking methods for self-harm or suicide

Talking about death or suicide and acting anxious or agitated

If any of these are present:
• Call 999
• Don’t leave the person alone.
• Remove all lethal means (weapons, medications, etc.) from the vicinity
• Take the person to a nearby Emergency Department or walk-in psychiatric crisis clinic
• Do not put yourself in danger; if you are concerned about your own safety, call 999

You are not alone in helping someone in a crisis. There are many resources available to assess, treat and intervene. Crisis counsellors, intervention programmes and more are available to you, as well as to the person experiencing the emotional crisis.



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